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Hi, thank you for stopping by. In our current age, I felt what better way to connect with you than through a selfie. The photo was actually taken while on a 3-day hiatus where thoughts of the No Dice! game resurfaced.

In 2005 I found success in game creation. In 2011 I had yet another aha moment when the idea for No Dice! came to me. I refer to these moments as God thoughts. It happened one day while at work. By the end of that night I had written a complete set of rules. I didn't know then what the game foreshadowed; that would take living a little.  

Over the next 10 years, life had convinced me that by all accounts I had come up short and the residual effects were leaving a mark, but remember my hiatus? 

Well, by the end of my getaway - I read the story of Gideon, a mighty man of valor in the bible and came to realize that in the face of some losses, I was still winning. That's when it hit me. The divine idea that came to me over a decade ago had come full circle because, in the game No Dice! - a loss actually counts as a win!


With a bit of faith and more fervor than ever before, there are key fundamentals to teach and much fun to be had! I hope you'll join in and be apart! Thank you again for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me.


Yours Truly,


A Self-Proclaimed "ValorVictorian"

Exchange Your Beliefs. Expand Your Possibilities

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